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The first principle of officiating

"The purpose of the playing rules is to penalize a player who, by reason of an illegal act, has placed an opponent at a disadvantage."

This principle is the fundamental rule of Officiating. Every penalty decision made by an an On-Ice-Official (whether to call, or not to call) is judged on whether there has been both: an illegal infraction as per the rule book, and a material change in advantage to one team.

The purpose of this principle is to ensure that the game progresses smoothly and so that it is not unnecessarily interrupted by the official's whistle.

Source: NOCP Participant Manual

Recent Notices

  • Player connection: Open 1 players needed
    Hi our team is currently looking for a couple open 1 players to join us for the upcoming season. If interested please contact Andrea at

  • Player connection: Players needed!!
    woodhaven open 4/5 is needing players for this year. We lost some players from last year and currently do not have enough to form a team. Please let me know if you are looking for a team, any position is fine!!
  • General notice: NWRA Pre-season Ice Breaker 3 on 3 games

    5 games in total, $90.00. Depending on attendance, it may switch to a 5 on 5 format.

    September 9 - Seven oaks 12:15pm 1:30pm 2:45pm

    September 10 -Seven oaks 12:15pm 1:30pm 2:45pm

    September 12 (Maples) 5:30pm 6:45pm 8:00pm

    September 16-Seven oaks 9:30am 10:45am 12:00pm

    September 17-Seven oaks 4:00pm 5:15pm 6:30pm

  • Player connection: Goalie Needed
    Our open 2 team is looking for a goalie for this coming season. Please email if you or someone you know may be interested! Thanks! :)
  • General notice: BVRA 2017 Registration

    Bonivital Ringette Association (BVRA) electronic registration will open for the upcoming 2017-2018 season on August 25th, 2017.

    BVRA reports registration numbers for U10-U19 on September 7. It is therefore important that all players register before Tuesday, September 5.

    To register electronically, click on the applicable link here or visit our website. Payment online is through American Express, Visa or Mastercard.


    R4U (2010 & Under) – $450
    U10 (2008-2009) – $415
    U12 (2006-2007) – $440
    U14 (2004-2005) – $445
    U16 (2002-2003) – $455
    U19 (1999-2001) – $455
    Open (18+) – $440

    Included in the fees are Ringette Manitoba and Winnipeg Ringette League fees. These fees do not include community club fees, pre-tryout conditioning camp, try-outs, tournaments, practice ice and optional team expenses. 

    R4U fees are full program fees including assessments and all ice costs. R4U assessments will be held after registration. Players surpassing Green level skills, that were born in 2010, may request age advancement to U10. Age advancement will totally be at the discretion of BVRA.

    While registration this year will be electronic, your local community club conveners are there to answer any question you may have. Contact info may be found at

    Registration Link
    Website -

  • Player connection: Looking for a goalie
    our open 4 team is looking for a goalie for the up coming season!!!!

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