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Game Schedule

Oct 30, 2016 - Feb 19, 2017

#DateStartArenaScore (H)Home TeamScore (V)Visiting TeamStatusDivision
174Sun, Oct 3013:15Steinbach Centennial59Scheduled Round RobinU12 A3
183Sat, Nov 512:00Stride Arena94Scheduled Round RobinU12 A3
201Sun, Nov 613:15Steinbach Centennial612Scheduled Round RobinU12 A3
195Sun, Nov 1312:00Steinbach Centennial25Scheduled Round RobinU12 A3
187Sat, Nov 2613:30Beausejour SunGro83Scheduled Round RobinU12 A3
168Sun, Dec 413:15Steinbach Centennial48Scheduled Round RobinU12 A3
191Sat, Dec 1015:40St. Norbert99Scheduled Round RobinU12 A3
179Sat, Dec 1710:30Seven Oaks Red119Scheduled Round RobinU12 A3
759Sat, Jan 709:45Steinbach T G Smith69Scheduled Round RobinU12 A4
765Sun, Jan 814:30Steinbach T G Smith611Scheduled Round RobinU12 A4
762Sat, Jan 1410:45Sam Southern87Scheduled Round RobinU12 A4
756Sun, Jan 1513:00Eric Coy69Scheduled Round RobinU12 A4
771Sat, Jan 2817:00Steinbach T G Smith147Scheduled Round RobinU12 A4
768Sat, Feb 414:00Gateway Blue88Scheduled Round RobinU12 A4
753Sat, Feb 1110:30Steinbach T G Smith14Scheduled Round RobinU12 A4
774Sun, Feb 1910:35Keith Bodley115Scheduled Round RobinU12 A4