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Game Schedule

Oct 29, 2016 - Feb 18, 2017

#DateStartArenaScore (H)Home TeamScore (V)Visiting TeamStatusDivision
251Sat, Oct 2912:40Jonathan Toews South07Scheduled Round RobinU14 B
235Sun, Nov 610:40Jonathan Toews North64Scheduled Round RobinU14 B
289Sat, Nov 1218:15Sanford81Scheduled Round RobinU14 B
259Sun, Nov 2017:00Jonathan Toews South16Scheduled Round RobinU14 B
283Sat, Nov 2611:30Century30Scheduled Round RobinU14 B
243Sun, Dec 1110:40Jonathan Toews North18Scheduled Round RobinU14 B
277Sat, Dec 1709:15BDO Centre38Scheduled Round RobinU14 B
271Sun, Dec 1812:00C A Barbour38Scheduled Round RobinU14 B
858Sun, Jan 810:40Jonathan Toews North35Scheduled Round RobinU14 C
844Sat, Jan 1417:00Southdale East35Scheduled Round RobinU14 C
850Sun, Jan 1516:00Southdale West62Scheduled Round RobinU14 C
847Sun, Jan 2209:20Keith Bodley47Scheduled Round RobinU14 C
840Sat, Feb 416:30Jonathan Toews North28Scheduled Round RobinU14 C
853Sun, Feb 510:40Jonathan Toews North45Scheduled Round RobinU14 C
863Sat, Feb 1113:15Selkirk Rec Complex44Scheduled Round RobinU14 C
835Sat, Feb 1813:50Jonathan Toews South64Scheduled Round RobinU14 C