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Assiniboia West

#DateStartArenaScore (H)Home TeamScore (V)Visiting TeamStatusDivision
92Sat, Oct 2909:30Selkirk Rec Complex5Stingers-Zorniak8Assiniboia WestScheduled Round RobinU10 A3
75Sun, Oct 3015:45East St Paul0Gateway7Assiniboia WestScheduled Round RobinU10 A3
84Sun, Nov 609:20Keith Bodley9Assiniboia West3Stingers - FetterlyScheduled Round RobinU10 A3
74Sat, Nov 1209:30Selkirk Rec Complex1Stingers - Fetterly5Assiniboia WestScheduled Round RobinU10 A3
4Fri, Nov 1818:15Stride Arena1Assiniboia West5Stingers-ZorniakScheduled Round RobinU10-1
15Sat, Nov 1909:30BDO Centre2Assiniboia West9Portage Thunder HauserScheduled Round RobinU10-1
31Sat, Nov 1916:45Stride Arena8Stingers - Fetterly1Assiniboia WestScheduled Round RobinU10-1
82Sun, Nov 2709:20Keith Bodley6Assiniboia West2Stingers-ZorniakScheduled Round RobinU10 A3
89Sat, Dec 312:30Ste. Agathe1Red River Rage7Assiniboia WestScheduled Round RobinU10 A3
79Sun, Dec 410:35Keith Bodley11Assiniboia West4Red River RageScheduled Round RobinU10 A3
85Sun, Dec 1109:20Keith Bodley10Assiniboia West3GatewayScheduled Round RobinU10 A3
640Sun, Jan 808:10Keith Bodley5Assiniboia West1Corydon U10 (Grose)Scheduled Round RobinU10 A3
21Sat, Jan 1410:45East End 3Varsity View U10 (Kaletzke)Assiniboia WestScheduled Round RobinU10
34Sat, Jan 1418:15East End 34Assiniboia West4SouthsideScheduled Round RobinU10
45Sun, Jan 1512:15East End 2Assiniboia WestDakota YallitsScheduled Round RobinU10
629Sun, Jan 2208:10Keith Bodley6Assiniboia West5Stingers-ZorniakScheduled Round RobinU10 A3
644Sat, Jan 2810:45Selkirk Rec Complex5Stingers-Zorniak4Assiniboia WestScheduled Round RobinU10 A3
633Sun, Jan 2910:35Keith Bodley6Assiniboia West7SouthsideScheduled Round RobinU10 A3
638Sun, Feb 508:10Keith Bodley11Assiniboia West4Varsity View U10 (Kaletzke)Scheduled Round RobinU10 A3
648Sat, Feb 1113:45East End 111Southside9Assiniboia WestScheduled Round RobinU10 A3
625Sat, Feb 1809:30Sam Southern3Corydon U10 (Grose)5Assiniboia WestScheduled Round RobinU10 A3
636Sun, Feb 1916:00Southdale West2Southdale U10 A25Assiniboia WestScheduled Round RobinU10 A3
U10A3-4Sun, Feb 2609:30Jonathan Toews North10Assiniboia West3Southdale U10 A2Scheduled Double KOU10 A3
U10A3-7Sun, Mar 508:15Sargent Park0Corydon U10 (Grose)6Assiniboia WestScheduled Double KOU10 A3
U10A3-10Sat, Mar 1108:50Gateway Red4Assiniboia West3Stingers-ZorniakScheduled FinalU10 A3

U10 A3

Assiniboia West is ranked #2 in the U10 A3 Division

 TeamWinsTiesLossesPointsGoals forGoals against# Games
#2Assiniboia West5031051388
#4Corydon U10 (Grose)305629368
#5Varsity View U10 (Kaletzke)215558658
#6Southdale U10 A2017130558

U10 A3

Assiniboia West is ranked #3 in the U10 A3 Division

 TeamWinsTiesLossesPointsGoals forGoals against# Games
#2Corydon U10 (Grose)0000000
#3Assiniboia West0000000
#5Southdale U10 A20000000
#6Varsity View U10 (Kaletzke)0000000

U10 A3

Assiniboia West is ranked #4 in the U10 A3 Division

 TeamWinsTiesLossesPointsGoals forGoals against# Games
#1Varsity View U10 (Kaletzke)0000000
#3Corydon U10 (Grose)0000000
#4Assiniboia West0000000
#6Southdale U10 A20000000
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