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Sturgeon Heights

#DateStartArenaScore (H)Home TeamScore (V)Visiting TeamStatusDivision
572Sun, Oct 2919:15Keith Bodley3Sturgeon Heights2Dakota DanielsonScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
566Sun, Nov 519:15Keith Bodley6Sturgeon Heights6Inn Seine ChicksScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
540Fri, Nov 1021:30Jonathan Toews North6Dakota Xrush1Sturgeon HeightsScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
544Sun, Nov 1220:30Keith Bodley4Kirkfield Westwood2Sturgeon HeightsScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
548Sun, Nov 1914:15Max Bell1The Herd4Sturgeon HeightsScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
554Sun, Nov 2619:15Keith Bodley9Sturgeon Heights4Barley QueensScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
536Sat, Dec 918:15Bertrand3Winakwa Furies1Sturgeon HeightsScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
560Sun, Dec 1719:15Keith Bodley3Sturgeon Heights3All up in her SlotScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
1026Sat, Jan 618:00St. Norbert0All up in her Slot5Sturgeon HeightsScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
1021Sun, Jan 718:00Stonewall Ice Palace2Barley Queens6Sturgeon HeightsScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
1036Sat, Jan 2019:30Bertrand2Dakota Danielson2Sturgeon HeightsScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
1016Sun, Jan 2119:15Keith Bodley5Sturgeon Heights4Niverville ClippersScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
1011Sat, Jan 2719:15St James Civic Centre2Sturgeon Heights5Mitchell RinghawksScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
1001Sun, Jan 2820:30Keith Bodley1Sturgeon Heights2Winakwa FuriesScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
1031Fri, Feb 222:15Lorette5Inn Seine Chicks4Sturgeon HeightsScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
1006Sun, Feb 420:30Keith Bodley2Sturgeon Heights5Dakota XrushScheduled Round RobinOpen 2

Open 2

Sturgeon Heights is ranked #6 in the Open 2 Division

 TeamWinsTiesLossesPointsGoals forGoals against# Games
#1Dakota Danielson103323744916
#2Dakota Xrush93421604116
#3West Kildonan Cougars92420735815
#4Winakwa Furies92520654216
#5All up in her Slot82618676716
#6Sturgeon Heights63715565416
#7Inn Seine Chicks52812648715
#8Mitchell Ringhawks304636327
#9Niverville Clippers116332478
#10Barley Queens11133439615

Open 2

Sturgeon Heights is ranked #9 in the Open 2 Division

 TeamWinsTiesLossesPointsGoals forGoals against# Games
#1All up in her Slot0000000
#2Dakota Xrush0000000
#3Mitchell Ringhawks0000000
#4Inn Seine Chicks0000000
#5West Kildonan Cougars0000000
#6Dakota Danielson0000000
#7Winakwa Furies0000000
#8Niverville Clippers0000000
#9Sturgeon Heights0000000
#10Barley Queens0000000
#11Niverville Clippers116332478
#12Barley Queens11133439615
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