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#DateStartArenaScore (H)Home TeamScore (V)Visiting TeamStatusDivision
495Tue, Oct 3121:45C A Barbour1Dynamite7Donny's DevilsScheduled Round RobinOpen 4
480Sun, Nov 519:00Sanford4Macdonald Mojitos6DynamiteScheduled Round RobinOpen 4
503Fri, Nov 1021:45Maples4Garden City Aces7DynamiteScheduled Round RobinOpen 4
491Fri, Nov 1721:00Lorette5Canadian Shooters3DynamiteScheduled Round RobinOpen 4
488Tue, Nov 2821:45C A Barbour8Dynamite3North KildonanScheduled Round RobinOpen 4
493Mon, Dec 421:45St. Adolphe1The Jettes5DynamiteScheduled Round RobinOpen 4
484Tue, Dec 1221:45C A Barbour4Dynamite4Garden City AcesScheduled Round RobinOpen 4
501Tue, Dec 1921:45C A Barbour9Dynamite5Macdonald MojitosScheduled Round RobinOpen 4
1096Sun, Jan 720:30Keith Bodley2Woodhaven6DynamiteScheduled Round RobinOpen 4
1099Thu, Jan 1121:30Oak Bluff5Macdonald Ring Kings8DynamiteScheduled Round RobinOpen 4
1092Tue, Jan 1621:45C A Barbour4Dynamite8Portage Open TeamScheduled Round RobinOpen 4
1102Sun, Jan 2113:15Seven Oaks Blue3Herricanes6DynamiteScheduled Round RobinOpen 4
1082Tue, Jan 3021:45C A Barbour4Dynamite7North KildonanScheduled Round RobinOpen 4
1105Tue, Feb 621:45C A Barbour9Dynamite9Garden City AcesScheduled Round RobinOpen 4
1077Fri, Feb 920:30Maples4Garden City Aces2DynamiteScheduled Round RobinOpen 4
1087Tue, Feb 1321:45C A Barbour5Dynamite1Donny's DevilsScheduled Round RobinOpen 4
Open 4-2Sat, Feb 2418:15Richmond Kings2Dynamite7Portage Open TeamScheduled Double KOOpen 4
Open 4-7Thu, Mar 121:30Oak Bluff6Macdonald Ring Kings5DynamiteScheduled Double KOOpen 4

Open 4

Dynamite is ranked #3 in the Open 4 Division

 TeamWinsTiesLossesPointsGoals forGoals against# Games
#1Donny's Devils1204241025516
#2Garden City Aces93421777416
#4North Kildonan81717857116
#6Portage Open Team305632378
#7Macdonald Ring Kings107235568

Open 4

Dynamite is ranked #2 in the Open 4 Division

 TeamWinsTiesLossesPointsGoals forGoals against# Games
#1Donny's Devils0000000
#3Garden City Aces0000000
#4Macdonald Ring Kings0000000
#5Portage Open Team0000000
#7North Kildonan0000000
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