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Red River Rage

#DateStartArenaScore (H)Home TeamScore (V)Visiting TeamStatusDivision
5Sat, Oct 2810:15Oakbank ONE Insurance10Springfield Storm5Red River RageScheduled Round RobinU10 A1
14Sat, Nov 412:30Ste. Agathe2Red River Rage9BVRA U10 A1 (Southdale)Scheduled Round RobinU10 A1
4Sun, Nov 517:15Southdale West7BVRA U10 A1 (Southdale)0Red River RageScheduled Round RobinU10 A1
15Sat, Nov 1811:15Ste. Agathe5Red River Rage11Springfield StormScheduled Round RobinU10 A1
12Sat, Nov 2508:15Selkirk Rec ComplexSelkirk Stingers-FetterlyRed River RageCancelled Round RobinU10 A1
2Sat, Nov 2515:00Ste. Agathe2Red River Rage8Selkirk Stingers-FetterlyScheduled Round RobinU10 A1
11Sun, Nov 2609:00Oakbank ONE Insurance9Springfield Storm6Red River RageScheduled Round RobinU10A1
9Sat, Dec 212:30Ste. Agathe7Red River Rage3Beausejour RingersScheduled Round RobinU10 A1
16Sun, Dec 316:45Beausejour SunGro3Beausejour Ringers10Red River RageScheduled Round RobinU10A1
19Sat, Dec 910:15Beausejour SunGro4Beausejour Ringers3Red River RageScheduled Round RobinU10 A1
21Sat, Dec 916:15Ste. Agathe3Red River Rage9Springfield StormScheduled Round RobinU10A1
12-RSun, Dec 1010:00St. Andrews9Selkirk Stingers-Fetterly3Red River RageRescheduled Round RobinU10 A1
28Sat, Dec 1615:00Ste. Agathe9Red River Rage4Beausejour RingersScheduled Round RobinU10A1

U10 A1

Red River Rage is ranked #4 in the U10 A1 Division

 TeamWinsTiesLossesPointsGoals forGoals against# Games
#1Springfield Storm7011462348
#2Selkirk Stingers-Fetterly5211257298
#3BVRA U10 A1 (Southdale)4221052328
#4Red River Rage107227618
#5Beausejour Ringers107217598

U10 A2

Red River Rage is ranked #8 in the U10 A2 Division

 TeamWinsTiesLossesPointsGoals forGoals against# Games
#1Grunthal Red Wings8001670198
#2Park City West7011475528
#3Fort Garry U106021264458
#4U10 Assiniboia West314751608
#5BVRA Little Angels215564818
#6BVRA U10 A2 (Southdale)206452688
#7Macdonald Wildfire125453698
#8Red River Rage107238738
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